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  • 60 Minute Lesson
  • $140
  • Heavy Rigid (crash box)
  • One 60-minute lesson

    Basic cost for the truck and trainer. Perfect for the experienced driver needing to polish his skills for the test.

    If you're new to the crash box, use this lesson to get an estimate from the trainer of the time it will take.

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  • 90 Minute Lesson
  • $195
  • Heavy Rigid (crash box)
  • One 90-minute lesson

    Just the right amount of time for the brain to pick up a new skill. Any more time and it might fry.

    Budget for at least four of these in order to be ready for the TMR practical driving test.

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  • Test Day Package
  • $380
  • Heavy Rigid (crash box)
  • Test day package, 2½ hours, includes

    • a TMR test booking
    • a 60 minute pre-test drive
    • use our truck on the test

    Test conducted to QSafe standard.

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  • Starter Pack
  • $1190
  • Heavy Rigid (crash box)
  • Save money with the starter

    • six 60-minute lessons
    • a TMR test booking
    • a 60 minute pre-test drive
    • use our truck on the test
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  • Crash Box Tips
  • In Queensland, practical driving tests are conducted to QSafe standard. The examiners work to a manual. If they see an error they will mark it, and if you get too many they will mark you "unsuccessful".

    An unsuccessful practical driving test is one where the applicant receives one or more of the following:

    • 9 or more non-critical driving errors
    • 1 specific repeated driving error
    • 1 critical driving error

    In our experience most people fail the test by breaking a road rule of some kind (critical driving errors). For example, speeding, running a stop sign, disobeying a yellow/red light, failing to give way.

    The rest fail through an accumulation of non-critical driving errors, in three categories:

    1. Gearbox (crunches, incorrect gear selection, etc.)
    2. Lane position (running over lines, insufficient safety margins, etc.)
    3. Scanning, mirrors and signalling

    We will focus on these three areas. Most of what we say will be echoing the examiners. Their feedback on previous tests is supplied to you throughout the training. The rest of what we say will be to prepare you for the workplace.

    Two more tips. You need to select an appropriate gear for the situation, and match the engine speed (tachometer) with the speed of the wheels (speedometer). The trainer will walk you through a pattern - stick to it. Like a drum beat. Go too slow, and you will crunch gears. Put things in the wrong order and it will go pear shape.

    Also, you can't drive this beast like you do with your synchromesh car. You need to SLOW down before you can gear down. Use the brakes to slow the vehicle, THEN change down.

    Hope to see you soon, Michael

  • Crash Box Videos
  • We recommend watching a couple of YouTube videos, to get your head around some of the language and some of the technique.

    Watch this one to understand the technical details of changing gears, and the different gearboxes. Our gearbox is a blue button 15 speed.

    Two more favourites. There might be better ones. Let me know what you find.

Mitsubishi FV418

  • Mitsubishi FV Series FV418, built 1989
  • GCM 40,500 kg, GVM 20,500 kg
  • 15 speed Road Ranger gear box
  • Rego 865 AOC
  • Started life delivering bread for Tip Top Bakery in Brisbane.
  • Spent about 15 years as a driving instruction vehicle for Ian Watson's Driver Training Centre, Brisbane.
  • Modified with a tray, to comply with regulations as HR and HC vehicle.
  • Brought to Gladstone by Enable Services Pty Ltd to continue as driving instruction vehicle.
Driving instruction
  • Successful test result: open HR licence, open HC licence (with trailer)
Fees & Charges
All lesson fees need to be paid for before the start of the lesson. Use the secure online facility to make credit card payments.
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Driver Trainers
All our driver trainers are qualified driving instructors, accredited with the Department of Transport. Choose the trainer for you.
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Our cars are dual controlled, making it easier for us to keep other road users and yourself safe while you learn.
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Lessons will start on time. If not, and it is our fault, we will make up the time or refund a portion of the lesson fee.
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Changes and cencellations are sometimes necessary. We ask that you give us 24 hours notice, so we can offer the spot to someone else.
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If you pay for a package, but do not require all the lessons, we are happy to offer you a refund at the rate paid for each hour.
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Driving Test
We cannot promise that you will pass the test, but we can do everything we can to prepare you for the big day.
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We promise to look after your personal information and not share it with anyone without your permission. This includes photos.
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Driving a car has risks, but the risks can be managed. Your safety is our priority, both now and into the future.
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